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About Us:

In a time where everyone is seeking for something different, we – the founders of The Beetles Club, found each other and the adventure began!

The Beetles Club gives you a unique travel experience in Macedonia. Vintage VW Beetle cars and the road less traveled.

We take you on a unique sightseeing tour.

You get to feel the past, taste real food, indulge in your adrenaline. Our tours are for people that want to see, feel something different, to explore nature, culture, tradition, cuisine, and history.

We are the guys that will take you to untypical places and provide unforgettable experiences in Macedonia from a different angle.


Our sources cover:

  • Professional guides
  • Vintage cars (VW old timers)
  • Safety
  • Food (lunch, snacks, water)
  • Accommodation
  • Adventures props (kayaks, bikes, boats…)
  • Free filming with a Drone
  • Free photos with a DSLR and a GoPro
  • Props for taking photos
  • Fun 🙂


Coming soon: Paragliding, kayaking tours…