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First day

8:00 – Departure from Skopje to the village Rankovce

 Driving for 2 hours with vintage VW cars, the beetles to Rankovce village. Arriving around 10:00 where breakfast will be waiting for us in the courtyard with a wooden cottage on a tree. Breakfast will be homemade pie, homemade ajvar,  Macedonian white cheese, boiled eggs…

There we have leisure activities like climbing a tree house that is 6 meters high and lowering with climbing rope.

13:00 Outdoor Games, Arrow Battle Game and Laser Tag (those who will not play can enjoy the nature or ride with The beets in the surroundings)


16:00 Lunch with traditional Macedonian cuisine plus vegetarian option in restaurant Ginovce, at a 1km distance

18:00 Accommodation in bungalows in Ginovce


Two hours free  for refreshment and relaxation


20:00 Motivational speech from the company’s management for 30 minutes


20:40 – 00:30 Evening entertainment of the property with the wooden house on the tree where there will be a snack (small sandwiches, fruits, cookies, cheese..), bar with alcoholic beverages, band and a game Lip Sync Battle


Second day


7:30 – 10:30 Breakfast in the restaurant

11:00 Meeting and launching the Beetles ( old VW cars ) in exploring the surrounding area to the nearest natural lake where the participants will be preparing a zip line from one end of the lake to the other and making a toboggan by the DIY principle.

From day one, teams will be divided and all games will be scored.

15: 00- 17:00 Lunch at the same place in the open, barbecue and opportunity for the  participants to help with the cooking


17:00 Bungalows and free time for rest and refresh

20:00 Evening party (Pajama Party )on the same property with the tree house and campfire, an astronomical corner (watching stars, constellations with telescope and expert who will answer to all your  questions) and acoustic music, then DJ

  • The opportunity for someone to stay overnight in the tents of the property is open. The place will be secure and ambulance will be one call away.


Third day


7:30 – 10:00 Breakfast and return to Skopje with the beetles ( old VW cars)

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